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texas. we are looking at joint base andrews in maryland and this is where the president will be taking off and while he is heading to texas campaign in republican territory, mitt romney the republican presidential candidate will be flying to pennsylvania. allison burns has more on the new campaign ads the obama administration is running against mitt romney this morning. >> reporter: dave president barack obama is stepping up his push to try to get mitt romney to release more of his tax records. a new obama ad is running where mitt romney is campaigning asking if he paid any taxes at all in the years for which he is refusing to release his records. >> mitt romney paid less than 42% and makes you wonder if he paid any taxes at all. >> reporter: mitt romney supporters say it is all dirty politics that president barack obama is trying distract on his record of the economy. >> tess attacking mitt romney on a -- he is attack mitt romney on a personal basis because he does not want to talk about his record. >> reporter: and i will have more on mitt romney coming up in my next update, reportin
hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. . >>> we are talking to you... >>> well the texas rangers might need this week's all-star week, a clap of thunder and lightning created a brief moment of panic in texas. roy oswalt was getting ready to throw a pitch when this was a big flash and loud boom. a thunder clap created a 45 minute delay before the rangers won 4-3. >>> and this month they are putting in a distribution pipe and last month they nut a similar one in mill valley as part of the upgrades. there are no plans to put it in other areas, two of them are in san rafael and four others in novato. >>> the latest victim of a four car pileup is in serious condition this morning and chp is investigating what caused that fatal crash. it happened just before 1:00 yesterday. a driver abandoned a truck and four cars slapped right into it. >> for whatever reason they collided and fled the team. >> the drive is being blamed for major head injuries and he could face charges for hit-and- run. it will focus on countries that ban homosexuality, sink poor out -- pinning a pore out -- singapore
in texas. a puck i can truck carrying 23 people and we have just learned two more people in the truck died, that brings the total of 13 people died, the truck crashed into two trees along a highway in texas. it is not known why the truck driver lost control. >>> oakland police are searching for two men who shot at a highway patrol car. it happened at the high street on ramp. highway patrol officer was chasing a white van when a black acura appeared. then someone inside the car started shooting at the officer. his rear window was shattered. officer saw the van and the men inside the acura are still on the loose. >> time now 6:17 and they have put gun control back in the national spotlight. and in our washington d.c. newsroom, to tell us what the newsroom is saying... >> president barack obama is committed to preventing gun crimes with existing laws. it is unlikely we'll see any big changes. during his trip, his role is to console the families but the alleged shooter's massive arsenal has raged new concern about the accessibility of ammunition. he reportedly purchased thousands of ammunition
the winner in two weeks. >>> time is 6:47. a man from texas said he never gave up looking for a car that was stolen 42 years ago. now he's found it. on ebay. robert russell said he paid $3,000 for that austin he'll lee. it had great sent mental value because he bought it when he and his wife started dating. police were able to confirm it had been stolen. they are returning it to russell. the car is now worth $20,000 more than he first paid for it. >>> police now say two recent mall robberies may be connected. one happened in walnut creek. the other one in pleasanton. we'll have more on the connection the police are making about this that is coming up at 7:04. >>> they say the show should have gone on. that is what london's mayor is saying after the plug was pulled on bruce springsteen's concert in hyde park. you can see there was a lot of star power up on that stage. springsteen invited sir paul mccartney on saturday night. but their mics went silent. law enforcement say they were enforcing a sound curfew. >>> 6:49. sal, i don't have to read your lips i know our traffic is getting h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4